Monday, April 21, 2014

Vendor: Pamdolls

1) Introduce yourself briefly.
PamDolls is a computer engineer from Madrid, Spain. She discovered the Blythe doll in 2008 and,  after that love at first sight, she couldn’t help herself to start customizing them. Her dolls are cute, sweet and colorful 
but they can also be a little dark, vampiric, and punk. She loves to  transform original dolls completely but keeping their essence giving them life as if they were little girls.

2) What will we find in your selling stall?
-Tote bags with Pamdolls artwork
-Printed Illustrations
-Piercing studio-live
-A customized cyberBlythe

3) Where can we see more about your work?

1)Preséntate brevemente
PamDolls es una Ingeniera Informática de Madrid, España. En 2008 descubre las muñecas blythe y no puede resistirse a empezar a customizarlas. Sus muñecas son niñas dulces, coloridas, alguna que otra vampirilla oscura y ultimamente muy punks. Le encanta transformar las blythe completamente pero intenta mantener su esencia de muñeca.

2)¿Qué encontraremos en tu puesto?
-Tote bags con ilustraciones de Pamdolls
-Ilustraciones impresas
-Piercings studio en directo
-Una cyberBlythe customizada

3)¿Dónde podemos ver más sobre tu trabajo? 

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